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Back to square one or chance card? (#3)

Writer: Ivy Waret

After 1 month on internship in South Africa, I started to be pretty comfortable, I spent few days on trade, few days in the cellar, few days on social media, few days on tasting, and I received my book to start the WSET Level 3, everything was going ALRIGHT!

Until…the CoronaVirus

At this point you receive email from your embassy, around hundreds calls of your mom, dozens from your friends asking you to just… coming back to France. But coming to France for me was a synonym of defeat. Only one thing was in my mind:

If I go back home, I draw a line on this opportunity to work in a winery for the first time, I draw a line on the level 3 of the WSET. Like a monopoly game, it’s either back to square one or draw a chance card and see!

I am player, I decided to draw a chance card and stay. One month ago I started to work from home for the winery: marketing and social media plan, training book for the wines, trade; and obviously I also study from home.

It was such a tough decision, but I would never let an opportunity just fly away. They changed the dates for the exam of the WSET, alcohol it is not possible to buy any wine to study; we don’t know when our winery is going to open again. But I still learn, every day, I still work and I will do my best to go back to France with the level 3 and a great work experience.

Nothing can stop us from changing this wine passion into a wine profession, except… us.

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