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Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Writer: Naama Ben Menachem             

Holidays are coming and it’s the season to feel jolly, hit the shops for gifts to our beloved ones. And well, who doesn’t like gifts? Gifts are fun to have but can be sometimes challenging to give. 

My Name is Naama Ben Menachem and I was challenged by my dear wine lover friend, Wine Shiksa, to find fun and creative gifts suitable for a wine lover.

Accepting this challenge I started to search the web for fun and creative gifts. Out of the awesome stuff I found online, I choose the best 9 places to buy a present for your beloved wine sipping friends.

Here is my list of online shops for cool wine lover's gifts:

Set of 3 Wine-Infused Salts


Wine Shiksa is a decent cook, but to be honest, sometimes it needs to be spicing up a little bit.  

At Uncommongoods I found a set of 3 Wine-Infused Salts. The set includes flavors, made with Chardonnay Lemon & Thyme, Rosé Rosemary and Pinot Noir & Fennel. Cool thing to have in the kitchen. 

Wine Decanter with an ice pocket for cooling your favourite Rieslings

You can also find in the store a decorative Wine Decanter with an ice pocket for cooling your favourite Rieslings.  

Also loved the sophisticated Wine Cotton Towels made in the UK. Each towel covers 68 wines, with each one rated (excellent, good, or best avoided) against 56 foods: that makes 3,808 possible pairings. You'll also find information on acidity, body, tannins, and sweetness for each wine listed.

Clairebella Studio

In this cool Atlanta based design studio, you can find special and cute gifts among them this Leopard chic Wine Bottle Stopper. Or many others.   


It will be perfect to combine with a nice bottle of wine and the leopard Bottle Tag for the holiday greetings.

 "Corkers" could finally give her corks a true purpose

Monkey Business Design

Does your friend loves to collect corks claiming to do something with them but never does?

My friend, Wine Shiksa is exactly like that. So I think the "Corkers" could finally give her corks a true purpose.

Note - the corks themselves are not included :)

 Sommelier Hand-Cream, the Melissa "Kisses" Lipcare and of course the Riesling Shower Gel

Die Nikolai

If you're an Austrian wine lover of just a Riesling addict as my friend Wine Shiksa, you probably heard about the Nikolaihof Wachau Winery. What you didn't know is that they also produce amazing beauty products made from grape seed oil as part of their Die Nikolai brand. 

They have many products but my favourite ones to give as a gift would be the Sommelier Hand-Cream, the Melissa "Kisses" Lipcare and of course the Riesling Shower Gel.

funny enamel cup saying "PROBABLY WINE" or the cute Merlot Candle

Swag Brewery

What about something cute for your friend's home?

I think that a funny enamel cup saying "PROBABLY WINE" or the cute Merlot Candle could be a pretty cool gifts.

Urban Wine Bags

Soben Store

When I think about wine bags,  I somehow imagine the simple ones, that was until I found this Urban Wine Bags.

Finally a stylish and beautiful bag made from high quality  materials. Your wine friend would LOVE it.

Only problem was that I couldn't figure out to where do they ship. So this part need to be checked.  

Wine Wear T-shirts Hoodies and Caps

Wine Shiksa Store

I just couldn't write about wine gifts and not mention the Wine Shiksa Store.

High quality Basic Wear with original  designs and slogans about the wine world.

Slogans like  "My Crew is Grand Cru" or            "Don't fly solo, share your Nebbiolo" are part of the slogans you can find on T-shirts in this store.  

You can also find some embroidery Caps and Hoodies.

Sommelier Socks

Sommelier Socks

To complete the Wine look, you can buy your friend the Sommelier Socks.

It's a cotton socks for wine lovers that produced in Greece (EU). You can find them in 2 different sizes 36-40 and 41-45. You can buy at Etsy or Ebay.

Wine Glass Writer

Wine Glass Writer

Jeannine & Renee (Mother / Daughter) created an amazing solution to abandoned wine glasses or in my case - No more stealing my glass Wine Shiksa !! 

They have different packages of two or tree pens, with different colors. White is my favorite one.  

For Shipping USA or Globally from Amazon.


This was my list of the Coolest gifts for wine lovers. You can thank me later for this list.

For now, Enjoy shopping. Happy Holiday seasons you all.


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