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Intro - I'm Charlotte Gordon

Hey lovely Wine Shiksa readers!

Welcome to my blog series where I’ll be sharing my experiences of what it’s like to be a young woman working in the wine industry and how I started my journey into the magical world of wine. Follow me from a wine enthusiast all the way to wine professional.

So first off, just some quick fun facts about myself:

  • My name is Charlotte, I’m 26 and I’m based in London, UK.

  • I currently teach WSET (wine and spirits education trust) within my role as the Sales and Education Manager for Hills Prospect.

  • I’m very lucky to have the accredited ‘Champagne Academy Diploma’, as well as being a committee member for the academy where I will be taking on the role of maintaining our website later this year.

  • I live with my amazing boyfriend Joe. He also works in the wine trade as a Buyer for Majestic Wine. Very impressive ;)

  • One of my favourite things to do is dining out - Michelin Star restaurants are my thing.

  • My family own a seafood company so naturally I love shellfish (but I also enjoy a good steak too!)

  • Other than Champagne, my fave drink is a classic G&T.

  • I absolutely love travelling and I’m lucky enough to incorporate this into my job. My favourite holiday destination is Thailand (so far). Wine destination – Champagne of course!

  • Outside of the wine world, I attend adult ballet classes - something I’ve loved since childhood.

  • And lastly, my fave colours are pink and green!

Now you’ve learned a little about me, l’d love to tell you how wine became my career, passion and life!

The story starts back in my hometown of Devon, in the very South of England - a beautiful moorland/beach and countryside county where cider is the tipple of choice! At 15, I got a job at my local country pub as a waitress. I absolutely adored the pub and did most of my growing up in that place. It was clear from the beginning that hospitality was in my blood. I loved working so much that I made the unconventional decision to quit university, (where I was training to be a teacher) and took a promotion of Restaurant Supervisor full-time. It’s safe to say my parents had concerns about making a career of carrying plates! Little did they know at the time that we’d go onto win the idolised Michelin star and I’d end up where I am now…

Stay tuned for my next steps into the wine world 😊

Follow me on Instagram for posts about Champagne, wine, food and drinks – @charlottedrinkschampagne


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