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Intro - I'm Paul Dibangshu

Hey lovely Wine Shiksa readers!

My name is Dibangshu Paul. I’m a hospitality professional and wine enthusiast from India.

The best thing about wine is that how diverse it is and how easily it connects people from around the world. A lot of people in this industry kind of grow up with wine. My parents never drank wine. I never grew up with wine, when I first discovered it, it was completely new.

I have taken WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits. WSET stands for Wine and Spirit Education Trust, it is a global organisation that is providing education and qualifications in field of wine and spirits since 1969.

Currently, I’m preparing for WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and probably moving to Toronto, Canada to do Post-graduation in Hospitality management along with Advanced beverage business management. My aim in life is to become a Certified Sommelier as well a Wine Educator. So that I can teach people about the amazing world of wine.

Welcome to my blog where I’m going to share my wine journey with you – from wine passion to wine profession and in my next blog post I will tell you about the local wine industry in India.

Follow me on Instagram for posts about my wine journey - @winebypaul


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