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Jumped into the water (#2)

Writer: Ivy Waret

Hello wine lovers,

I decided to make from this passion for wine, a profession, and arrived in February 2020 in South Africa to work in a winery! I am not going to lie; the first days were a bit stressful. I just had the results of my WSET 2 a week ago, but I was literally scared that someone actually ask me something about wine.

I was scared about what people will thinking about me and my wine knowledge… I don’t know why sometimes we have this idea of “wine snobs” in our minds that makes us feel uncomfortable in some conversations with other people. 

But I am going to tell you something: The wine industry is also a big family.

I arrived and I was honest; I told everyone here what I know and what I don’t know and that I'm here to learn and I want to learn everything. At this point, people change; and all my colleagues were happy to share their knowledge with me.

I started in the tasting room learning about our wines, the smell, the taste, how to talk about them, how to pair them, how to promote them.

After that I had the great opportunity to spend few days in the cellar learning about winemaking. I really enjoyed these days, mostly a mix of: dirty clothes, learn, lifting things, learn, yeast and sugar, learn. I feel so grateful for this time in the winery; it was the best part for me and for the first time I could see more clearly how wine is made, what are all the choices that are out there, why this way or that way, I could see and attend this particular style and flavors.

The journey from wine passion to wine profession could be tough and long, but it just proves to you that it is your true passion. Enjoy every moment of this journey, learning and sharing.

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