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We #Hashtag Better Together

Never thought that I would ever write about # hashtag. But if you must know, people went famous because of this little 4 lined fella.

Right tagging is important. So, let’s start from the beginning.

As a business you must use Social Networks to engage with consumers and spread your brand massage. But what is a Network you ask?

It’s basically bunch of people who exchange information, experiences and behaviors with each other. Their behavior is guided by set of norms, believes and values. All networks have people who help content go viral – influencers.

There 3 kind: those who like to create new content, those who share it and like to link between peopleand those can convince people to adapt new ideas.

Networks don’t have to be huge; they can be quite small networks that your winery or other business will be engaging with. I like the small ones even better; they are tighter in relationships between the members, which make it easier to communicate with them and their influencers.

Easy way to find networks is through groups on Facebook or through # hashtags on Instagram. We will speak about the # HASHTAGS.

Those Hashtags are social media’s essentials for every content you will post, the main reasons to use a hashtag are to: increase engagement, build brand, target audience and find networks for your winery.

There are many ways to find the right hashtags. One of my favourite is using where you can search for hashtags related to who you want to target. They have free trial of 7 days – enough to find your hashtags for future work on Instagram.

For example: Le's see how my own hashtags work. So, as you can see below there are 141 posts that were tagged with # wineshiksa hashtag and the interaction*is 1.2k for 15 posts.

* The Recent Interactions are calculated based on the number of likes and comments of the last 15 posts using the hashtag you searched for.

While in hashtags that were used in many posts as the # winery tag, the engagement will be lower in those posts. The best way is to find hashtags that have medium post number and they are with higher engagement.

A good example for quality hashtags would be: #youcansipwithus & #winework

But where do I start?” - you ask.

It’s a great question. First, you will work on creating a list of types of posts that you think you are going to post and add to each one 30-40 hashtags.

As a winery I would create list of hashtags for those post: (1) winery work, (2) vineyards, (3) holidays (4) general wine use (5) wine is fun. Some of the hashtags will be the same but some will change.

Don’t know which tags to use in different posts - Learn from others. See which tags other wine influencers use. For example: the champagne blogger - Gina Lyons @champagnesquadofficial.

Remember – just hashtags by themselves would not help you achieve your goals. The content that you post should be interesting and helpful. Not just another wine bottle.

Small tip – create your own # hashtags for different posts that are related just to your brand. For example, the hashtags I did for Wine Shiksa - #wineshiksa & #mycrewisgrandcru.

Another example, a super successful hashtag of Sarah Tracey @thelushlife - a blogger from USA - #youcansipwithus that is used by hundreds of other users.

And also, Toni Askitis - a blogger/sommelier from Germany created hashtags - #asktoni his account name and #weinistunkompliziert that basically means – wine is uncomplicated.

All those hashtags help people to find things that they care about. Are you ready to be part of those networks?

Have any questions feel free to DM me those or just ask in stories today.


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