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Wine Passion starting - Dubai (#2)

I am a foodie :) 

I also love to travel to new places since my childhood and I think this love for food and traveling brought me into the Hospitality Industry. It is a dynamic industry in which you can actually make the world your playground. During my 3 years of studies I had 6 months of Industrial Training at a Specialty Restaurant in Dubai, UAE. This period of my Industrial Training was a kind of launch pad for me, I got an opportunity as a wine server at the Speciality Restaurant and this boosted my passion for wines.

From that time, wine has become my companion, it is something that challenges and inspires me everyday because studying wine is not an easy thing, an individual has to remember thousands of wine regions, their characteristics, food and wine pairing, information about the history of a particular region and many more.

As a key my my career progression I have taken WSET Level 2 award in wines and spirits and moving forward for the next level that is the Level 3 Award in Wines. I’m still learning new things everyday because knowledge has a beginning but no end. So, here’s a little information about how I gained passion towards wine. Cheers to all the wine lovers who are working in this industry and growing this wine community in Instagram by their little contributions everyone.

Follow me on Instagram for posts about my wine journey- @winebypaul


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