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"Shiksa" is a term in Yiddish language that used by Jewish population to describe a non-Jewish woman or a girl. Also the term may be used to describe a Jewish girl or a woman who fails to follow religious precepts and traditions.


Mostly "shiksa" term describes an outsider - someone who doesn't fit into the strict traditions. 

That was how we felt in the Wine World when we started - an outsiders that, from time to time, like to break traditions. Wine Shiksa is a wine rebel.  

My crew is Grand Cru
Wine Shiksa



I believe in communities, in creating them and making them thrive. We are better and stronger together. Wine without the people, has no meaning. From the growers to the people in the wineries, till the consumers, sommeliers and bloggers. We are all connected by our love to the grape juice. 

My first idea of connecting the wine people, was through creating a sustainable, unique and funny wine wear, so we could recognise each other and communicate easily. 

My second one came later and I was inspired by you - the wine lovers.    

I was overwhelmed when I discovered how many social media accounts are about spreading the wine love, managing a wine-blog or  just having a conversation about it.  


Through my W-BLOG I would try to create a platform for collaboration between different parts of this wine puzzle, connect between us. 


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