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“Wine Shiksa” – Terms of Use/Service


We are a fun website (www.wineshiksa) that wants to connect between people & wine while sharing the love for wine all over the globe. But let’s be serious for a moment.

The following terms and conditionsgovern for all use of the www.wineshiksawebsite (the "Site") and also the related social media accounts, including without limitation Facebook and Instagram accounts, written directly as “Wine Shiksa” accounts or/and the private accounts of “Wine Shiksa” brand owners (the “Wine Shiksa,” “We,” “Us,” “Our”).

Wine Shiksa” is a print-on-demand business for variety of products (the “Service”) in exchange for payment by you. We work and collaborate with different third-party businesses in regard to print implementation and delivering component. 

By visiting our Site and/or purchasing something from us, you agree to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms”), – including, without limitation, Shipping, Return Policy, Privacy Policy and others. These Terms of Service apply to all and any users of the Site.

If you do not agree to this Terms of Use/Service, please do not use the Site (including Instagram & Facebook shops).    

Be a responsible consumer by reading these Terms carefully before using our Service.




By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that you are at least the age of majority (18+ years old) in your state or province of residence. If you don’t hold this condition, please do not use our Site. If you use our Site although you don’t hold the term above, you free us from any claim about this matter in the future.  

You agree not to use our products for any illegal purpose neither to violate any laws in your jurisdiction (including but not limited to copyright laws, ours or others).

You agree not transmit any viruses/worms or any code of a destructive nature.    




We reserve the right to refuse providing Service (buying products or using vouchers) to anyone for any reason at any time.


Data updating is important but it’s not always happening. We try to keep the Site as update as possible. We would not be responsible if information presented on the Site is not accurate, complete or current. Please see the data on the Site as general information only. Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.







The contents of the Service, including the slogans printed on the T-shirts or other products, that showed on the Site or via related Social Media, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and international treaties, and owned by Wine Shiksa. 


Any use of the material and/or slogans in other platforms, including printing, copying, creating products that include these slogans/materials, is completely prohibited and would be considered as violation of our copyrights.


The same as you would not steal a product from a Store, respect our art and our copyrights - don’t steal it.


You acknowledge and agree that we are the legal owner of all right for the materials/slogans and other elements of our Service, including associated intellectual property rights (copyright, patent, or trademarks and other).


You agree that using our service would not give you any ownership or other right or interest to the materials/slogans, or any other intellectual property rights (in words or designs that appear on our Site, including our social media accounts). 


Therefore, you agree not to: create new works/reproduce/distribute, publish, transmit, participate in a sale of, any of the content (design or slogans) shown on this Site (including our social media accounts), or appear in our Service in any way. 





As we ask you to respect our rights, we will respect yours. We would not claim ownership to any images, graphics, videos, sounds, music, audio recordings, text, files, comments, feedback, or other content that you will submit/post on our Site orupload to your social media accounts.


Nevertheless, by posting on your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) accounts any content that includes our product of Service, which tag our social media account or which was tagged as #wineshiksa or #mycrewisgrancru or any other slogan that showed on our products, you provide us the right for posting or sharing or publish your content, royalty-free, in any media or in any way. 





As a small business, we try our best to bring you the products at the best price. But notice, that prices for our products are subject to changes. We also reserve the right, at any time to change the products or Service, without further notice.


In order to purchase a product, the payment must be submitted in advance. Notice that prices advertised on the Site, exclude delivery charges. Delivery charges will be shown separately when ordering and must also be paid in advance. For more, see our Shipping Policy.


Products are subject to return only according to our Return Policy. Notice, that some of our products or Service may have limited quantities, which can influence the return policy. 


Nonetheless, we are not obligated to sale our products or Service to all the geographic regions or jurisdictions. We hold the right to change the shipment location without any notice. 


We reserve the right to refuse any orderyou place with us that seems illegal or suspicious.


You agree to provide accurate & complete information for all purchases made at our Site or other stores (including billing and shipment data). You agree to update your account in case of any change (including email, address, credit card numbers and other).





Payment shall be made by you through Pay-pal or credit card acceptable by the Site and you should not delete the payment. In case of payment cancellation,your order will be cancelled as well and the product wouldn’t be shipped to the submitted address.  





It’s important for us to protect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy will explain how we use your information when you use our Service. You agree that through using our Service you give us your consent to collect, use and handle your information as set in our Privacy Policy





We are trying to do our best in service and shipment, but we are all human beings, mistakes sometimes happen. You agree to contact us via Email to – with your claim as fast as possible. Claims deemed an error on our part are covered at our expense. For more, see our Return Policy





The Terms would be construed according to the laws of the State of Israel. Therefore, you agree and give your consent to the exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute will be of Courts in Tel Aviv, Israel. 


A breach or violation of any of the Terms mentioned above– give us the right to activate an immediate termination of your Service, without any money refund. 


Have a question - email us 

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