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Blueberry Zweigelt

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This summer GRAND CRU collection is part of 3 small collections for the summer. All were created in tiny amounts. Because being unique is fun. If you don’t want to be special, you can go to Zara or something and look like everybody else.

This GRAND CRU summer collection is all about quality fabric (some in Tie-dye) focusing on my favorite colors – purple, blue, black, and pink. Most with an embroidery ‘GRAND CRU’ writing. We have 5 T-shirts (3 T’s for adults and 2 for kids till 6 yo), & 3 super stylish hats.

BTW - Grand Cru (that means in French 'great growth') is a regional wine classification that designates a vineyard known for its awesome reputation in producing wine. The term is not technically a classification of wine quality per se but is intended to indicate the potential of the vineyard or terroir.

**Wash tip: no more that 30 degrees. Don't iron directly on the embroidery, don't bleach.

  • Embroidery
  • 100% cotton
  • Tri-glide buckle closure
  • Head circumference: 20½″–24½″ (52 cm–62 cm)

Size guide

A (inches) 20 ½-½
B (inches) 4 ½
C (inches) 2 ⅝
D (inches) 6 ¼
A (cm) 52-1
B (cm) 12
C (cm) 7
D (cm) 16
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